What determines the opportunities you are presented with in our society, the colour of your skin or your mentality?

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  1. Naomi says:

    Neither factors determine opportunity but both do have an impact, which could be positive or negative.

    The use of positive discrimination in regards to job applications for example, would be a positive influence as it is a way for businesses and companies to promote our multicultural society. This could, of course have the opposite affect. For example, a person getting rejected from a job stemming from preconceived expectations of applicant criteria made by the employer due to racial dominance and pure self – righteousness. This could also apply for mentality.

    In terms of the most influential factor between the two. I would have to side more towards ‘colour’ as mentality is not always overt or made clear on documentation for employer to see.

    Mentality could be a reasonable factor to consider when applying for a highly stressful job, only if the applicant is going through the condition on applying, and shows no consideration or planning towards management strategies.

    Race should NOT be a factor when applying for a job as it poses no risk to the individual or the employer. This is what makes reduced opportunity due to race so disheartening, as it is a result of pure prejudices.

  2. Pennylope says:

    In retrospect,the colour of one’s skin played a role in determining the opportunities one is presented.However,with gradual change I believe the mentality one poses in striving for opportunities in this current generation plays a major role. I believe, how you percieve yourself affects what you believe you can do and that determines the opportunities you seek and therefore provided.

    Moreover, multi-culturalism has encouraged diversity in many companies and as a result the colour of one’s skin can work in their favour obviously teamed up with the right qualification and attitude

    Finally, race and mindset can have both a negative and postive impact in determining the opportunities one is presented.However,that is subjective to the individual.

  3. Eunice Osei says:

    I personally believe that neither of the two will determine the opportunities that young people are presented with today.
    However, ones mentality will drive how an individual make use of the opportunities presented.

  4. Makayla says:

    I think a persons environment and how they are raised can affect their thinking which can cause them to shy away from opportunities or seek for opportunities regardless of race.

    I also think that race can be a hindrance because if the person offering the opportunity is racist then it will influence their decision to give someone an opportunity or deny them of one.

    But this depends as it is hard to judge racism in today’s society because it is not as obvious as it use to be a few years ago. Racism is covert in today’s society. But I think that t is a combination of both.

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