“What happens in our family stays in our family” is one of a few statements often reinforced within some ethnic groups.

The notion of staying silent about issues portrayed as “culture” is one of the many reasons The Ideal Culture Standard (TICS) is striving to raise awareness about matters such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), domestic violence, absent fathers, extremist views and child witch craft to name a few.

TICS is an online platform that will be educating society, supporting vulnerable people, challenging and breaking barriers with an overall focus on trying to promote honest morals within our society.

The why? The why stems from two opposing spectrums in terms of culture. As founders we believe that every one of us can either have aspects of culture that either enable us to hedge ourselves further or disable our momentum towards a fulfilled life.

It is this compelling belief that has guided us to want to act as a medium of reablement to our society. We want to know what drives different problematic cultural beliefs and more importantly, how people can be supported to shift towards The “Ideal” Culture Standard.

The shift will be implemented through 4 channels:

–           Evidence Based Articles
–           Forum Discussions
–           Professional and Personal Interviews
–           Signposting

TICS will be working towards creating positive changes within our communities, encouraging people to evaluate their cultural practices, raising awareness about support services and ensuring that people’s voices are heard.

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